Why do I find Forex trading so difficult, and how do the “Big Players” make it seem so easy?

This question is of vital importance to all new, experienced, profitable or struggling Forex traders and, quite frankly, anyone hoping to, or already making a living from trading the biggest market in the World.

Why? because if you could discover the “secrets” of the big players you could follow in their footsteps, and make money day trading, swing trading, position trading, or whatever your preference.

And…If you don’t get a hold of this information, you will probably fail. Don’t let us discourage you, because there is a way out – which we are going to show you…

So, here is the answer to the question, in a nutshell…

The answer is: We know how to calmly, and emotionlessly profit from the Forex market with minimum risk.

We how to do this because we understand that Forex trading is a minefield of dangers and traps, and having a good trading system is only the beginning. You still have to navigate the minefield…

“Is it REALLY possible to make life-changing profits from Forex trading”?

Sure it is… This is our story:

Over 10 years ago, we began trading funds for clients on the Forex market. To cut a long story short, we went from spectacular success to complete disaster, after losing over a million dollars in a large managed fund, losing our bank trading positions, and receiving a civil judgment in the U.S. The mistakes we made are exactly the same mistakes most traders make today. Since then, we have gone on to become highly successful Forex traders, and teachers and mentors to hundreds of private traders.

Why are we telling you all this?

The powerful concept of revealing our “Private trading skills” to the public came together from a recent get-together of a couple of brilliant trader colleagues of ours. Over a barbecue, we realised that there are huge pitfalls which almost all Forex traders plunge into every day. The hidden strategies to effortlessly cruise past the dangers are almost unheard of amongst the people who need it most – traders!

We know that the dice is loaded against most traders from the start, but professional traders very rarely let people into their hidden trading lives. Around the barbecue, we added up our combined years of experience, and totaled a staggering 32 years! And…we have sadly NEVER let anyone into the “inner sanctum”

And so the concept for The Traders Club was born.  After we first started putting the the project together, we were inundated with emails from traders, and had a huge response from our surveys, with thousands of traders sending in their requests to us.

We ripped the emails and surveys apart, to find out what it was traders needed most

Incredibly, the results forced us to take a whole new look at this project. We went back to the drawing board and used this ton of information to create a site which gives you exactly what you need as a trader…