Forex broker’s advantage over white label provider

Becoming a Forex broker can be more satisfying and profitable than being white label provider. Below you’ll find a few reasons explaining why the latter is better.

Forex brokers can take full control of the risk strategy they adopt, they don’t need to follow others’ guidelines. They can also set up their own platform within the time they think is necessary, and they have full control of the platform which enables them to update it and introduce changes. They can also offer any financial instruments – they don’t need to confine to the choice of their broker partner. Another plus is that Forex brokers may select a liquidity provider by themselves.

When it comes to profit, Forex brokers are in a better position since they don’t have to give half of their revenues to the broker partner. Any money generated by trades effected goes to the broker’s pocket. Although both brokers and white label providers need to put a great deal of effort in order to attract customers, drive traffic to their portal and then encourage potential traders to make trades using their platform, the broker’s profits are a lot higher, because the broker doesn’t need to share them.

Brokers may also introduce their own trading conditions, they can specify the amounts of charges, spreads, and features of the platform.  They can follow their imagination, think of new ways to attract customers and can pursue limitless opportunities. They can generate even more profit by establishing and expanding the network of white label partners.

So if you’re thinking of making the move from white label provider to Forex broker, I think after reading this article you’ll be certain that it is a perfect solution that offers many possibilities and can bring a lot more income.